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At Nixs Driving School we have been teaching all levels of students since late 70’s. We work closely with our students to ensure that they have the skills, knowledge and ability to survive on the road.

Nixs Driving School Cranbourne offers a professional, caring approach to helping you achieve your goal and gaining your drivers licence the first time, we guarantee it.

Patience, understanding and tolerance is my reputation.

Where does Nixs Driving School operate?

Driving lessons are available in South East Melbourne

When can I start learning to drive?

You must first hold a car learners permit in order to obtain this permit you must be at least 16 years old and undertake an eyesight test and a computerised multiple choice test based on the Vic Roads “Road to Solo Driving” handbook.

Learner Permit Practice Tests are now available on the web. If you are currently thinking of taking your Learners Test you can do a practice test on-line. Find out more click here

If you hold an overseas car learner permit you may use this permit to undergo a licence test, unless you have a permanent visa or hold an interstate car learner permit you may learn to drive for three month’s after arriving in Victoria. After this time you must convert to a Victorian permit. The car learners permit is obtained through any Vic Roads office.

I have never driven a car before

If you have never driven before you’re not alone!

Thousands like you are getting their licences every year and Nixs Driving School is here to help.

Nixs Driving School specialize in teaching the young and “young at heart” adults to drive. Our calm, patient, professional instructors will take you comfortably through our step-by-step process and help you to become a safe, confident, and licensed driver.

I just got my learners permit so what happens next?

It is best to begin with about 5 or 6 driving lessons with Nixs driving school to acquire a good foundation on techniques and road awareness.

It is also a good idea to go out driving with Mum and Dad or any “brave” fully licensed driver with a sense of humour and a calm disposition, as they may need one!

Then the learner should have some more training with Nixs Driving School to ensure that he or she is a competent driver and ready for the challenge of every day driving.

We can then organize and book your driving test at Vic Roads.

Graduated Licensing System

All learners up to the age of 21 will require to complete a minimum of 120 hours of supervised driving and record it in their Log Book.

Learners are encouraged to complete more than the required 120 hours of supervised driving experience and record it in their Log Book. This will give you a buffer if any trip entries have to be deducted. If you have exactly 120 hours recorded and as little as half an hour has to be deducted then the Log Book won’t be accepted.

Learners who will be aged 21 or older when they sit their probationary licence test do not have to present a Log Book.

Longer P-plate period with two stages

Under the graduated licensing system P-plate licences will last for four years instead of three years. The four year P-plate period will be divided into two stages. Different rules will apply each stage. The plates have different colours:

P1 – white P on red background for the first year.

P2 – white P on green background for the three remaining years.

P-plates must be displayed at all times.

Stricter rules for P-plate drivers

There will be tighter restrictions on P-plate drivers:

  • To progress from P1 to P2 the P-plate driver must have a good driving record. If their licence is suspended while on either P1 or P2 stages then their probationary licence period must be extended by an extra 6 months.
  • Drivers who are on their P1 licence are no longer allowed to t ow another vehicle unless they are required to as part of their employment or are supervised by an experienced driver.
  • P1 drivers under 21 must not carry more than one passenger aged 16 to 21.
  • P-plate drivers are not allowed to drive powerful or modified vehicles without special permission.
  • The probationary licence may be extended if P- plate drivers are fined or found guilty of a driving offences.

Should I learn in a manual or an automatic car?

This is an individual choice. You should talk to your parents for advice. Just keep in mind that if you obtain an automatic licence you will be restricted whilst on probation to only driving an automatic car. However if you obtain a manual licence you can drive either type of car.

How many driving lessons will I need?

The amount of driving lessons with Nixs driving school varies between individuals and whether you undertake manual or automatic car lessons. Usually automatic licences require a lesser amount of training. Manual car training requires more lessons because of the extra skills needed to operate the controls such as the clutch and gears.

We will tailor your driving lessons to your needs. The hourly amounts of practice can only be determined by how quickly you develop the skills for safe driving. Our instructors assess your progress on a weekly basis.

How long are the driving lessons?

Our standard lesson is 45 minutes. 60 minute and 90 minute lessons are also available.

We tailor time to suit your needs and requirements

What tests must I pass to get my licence?

(a) An Eyesight check

(b) A hazard perception test requiring you to identify road hazards displayed on videos of actual driving conditions

(c) A practical driving assessment, which will last for about 35 minutes

What is a hazard perception?

Hazard perception is designed to test your ability to spot and react effectively to road hazards. During the test you will be required to identify developing hazards as quickly as you can. You will need to successfully complete the hazards perception test in order to pass your licence. A minimum score of 54% is all that is needed.

All our driving instructors are fully conversant with the hazard perception test and will be able to offer advice during your driving lessons

Hazard Perception Test

Are there special laws for probationary drivers?

  • Zero Blood Alcohol limit

You must not have alcohol in your blood when driving.

  • Licence Suspensions

There are a number of common offences such as speeding, failing to give way, careless driving etc which will result in the suspension of your licence. In addition your licence will be suspended for ;

  • Failing to display the correct plates or not displaying plates at all.
  • Fraudulently altering a licence.
  • Lending your driver licence or using a licence that is not your own.

These offences will lead to the extension of your probationary period and may result in passenger restrictions being imposed.

Safety tips to survive by:


When you are behind the wheel of your car becoming tired or drowsy will become a dangerous combination. Being overcome by fatigue and feeling sleepy slows your reaction time, decreases awareness and impairs your judgement just like drugs and alcohol.

Most people know how dangerous drinking and driving is, but they may not know that drowsy driving can be just as fatal.

We are the driving school in Melbourne that is determined to make the roads a safer place in the future by teaching beginners all they need to know about safety and survival on the roads. contact Nixs Driving School when you are ready to drive safety. So always take care out there.

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